The rechargeable Walther Pro PL55r produces 650 lumens with its Cree XP-L chip. It is water-resistant rated (IPX 4) and is supplied with a pouch, USB charging cable and rechargeable battery (which can be recharged without being removed from the flashlight).

This flashlight from the Walther Pro series comes with a 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At the touch of a button the PL55r can switch from 100 to 40 or 10 percent output. Pressing the switch for more than 0.5 seconds triggers the Tactical Defense Strobe with a flashing rate of 20 Hz.

Like the flashlights in the XL and HL series, all the models in the PL series take commonly available, low-cost batteries or rechargeable batteries (Multi Battery System) or come with built-in rechargeable batteries. These unique flashlights are designed to meet two needs: first, to let our customers illuminate their surroundings at a favourable price, and second, to fulfill our commitment to the environment by conserving natural resources and cutting back on waste.

BETTER LIGHTING. Light performance for professionals and enthusiasts. Designed and engineered in Germany by light technology specialists. Made and tested according to ANSI FL1 (American National Standards Institute).